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A View Outside Ourselves
St. Michan's Church and Parish
Tired of all the Bad News

Background Information

St. Michan’s Parish; A View Outside Ourselves (pub. 2017)This volume is a collection of stories and pictures from people of the parish living at home and away. The book started with a resquest for photographs of people who had received the sacraments in St. Michan's. The result is a book which provides the stories behind the pictures and gives the reader a rich insight into the people of the parish dating back to 1700s.

St. Michan’s Church and Parish (pub. 2011) This volume started as a guide to the restored stained glass windows but grew beyond that to tell the story of a small inner city parish in Dublin that has survived a thousand years serving the Christian community just north of the River Liffey.

This is a pictorial guide to the church and a historical guide to the parish. It is also a tribute to all those who have served the community over the generations.

Tired of all the Bad News (Pub. 2017) Too much negativity plays havoc with our spirit. We need to hear good news. We need that shot of positivity in the arm each day; it’s good for us. In Tired of All the Bad News Bryan Shortall, a Capuchin priest working in Dublin, shares some homilies he has preached, blogs he has posted, and stories he has heard along the way, to bring a bright and positive message to the reader.

Fr Bryan gives us a superb insight into the lessons he has learned through the selflessness of his parishioners, the words spoken ‘out of the mouths of babes’, and a close examination of the gospel message.