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Postal address: Parish Office, St. Michan's Church,
Halston Street, Dublin 7

St. Michan's Parish
Halston Street

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Past Events

Novena of Grace – 4 to 12 March 2017

Celebrating 200 years of this church in Halston Street and celebrating 305th Anniversary of the first Novena of Grace in Honour of Francis Xavier which was celebrated in St. Michan’s Parish. A selection of the sermons are available online - everyone is welcome to be part of our nine days of grace-filled prayer.

Fr. John Kelly opened the Novena on Saturday, 4th March and speakers included Fr. Adrian Curran, Fr. Flann Lynch, Fr. Des McNaboe, Fr. Terence Harrington, Canon Damien O’Reilly, Fr. Sean Kelly, Fr. Coriolan Muresan and Fr. Bryan. Click for Novena talks