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St. Michan's Parish
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There are a number of ways to help St. Michan's Parish raise funds to help with the ongoing restoration work.

Sponsor a Pane

Regular Standing Order
Make a regualar donation via standing order from your bank.

Planned Giving Boxes
are being distributed throughout the parish at the moment and if you are an existing contributor, you will receive your box very soon. The money donated using the Planned Giving envelopes goes directly towards the upkeep of the parish and is the principle source of funding to pay for the day-to-day running costs. Please consider making a regular donation to the parish using one of these boxes. A special word of thanks to all the COLLECTORS for their help and support, winter and summer.

During 2018 the monies raised through the Planned Giving collection came to €17,845.81, a decrease from €21,863.12 in 2017. This covered the cost of insurance, heat, light, altar and shrine supplies, weekly bulletins, postage, phone and printing. A further €2,494.41 was raised by the Greek Catholic Community which helped with some of the regular repairs and maintenance.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The parish is very grateful for your contribution to the Planned Giving collection. The personal information you provide is used by the parish to process the contribution in line with Revenue guidelines. Personal information is not shared with any other person or organisation, is kept only for as long as needed and is then deleted from our systems.

50-50 Raffle

Thank you all so much
The 50-50 Raffle started in 2013 to help defray the cost of the restoration work in the church. The raffle has reached its target of €30,000 and is being suspended for
n Summer 2018 for 2 months (approx.) Since 2013,

8706 tickets were sold
  €43,530.00 was received
                50% for the prize fund – €21,765.00
€8,255.00 of which was regifted by some of the winners

Leaving a grand total of €30,020.00
for the Restoration Fund

Míle buíochas

Following discussions with parishioners, it was agreed that the raffle would restart on 22nd September to help raise funds towards the painting of the ceiling – the last segment of the ongoing restoration/painting work.

are available at the 6pm vigil Mass (Saturday) and 12noon Mass (Sunday). They are available to buy for the thirty minutes before the start of Mass BUT not during Mass.

Each ticket costs €5

At the end of the Mass, the priest
draws a ticket and announces the winner
The winner receive
s 50% (fifty percent) of the income
The Restoration Fund receive
s 50% (fifty percent) of the income

No tickets
are available to buy once the Mass starts
Since the winner
as in the congregation, the first prize is collected before anyone leaves the church. There are no monies carried forward from week to week

When a winner declines their prize, all the income is lodged to the Restoration Fund. Find the latest figures here.

Bicentenary Gifts

Preparing the way for the future…
The parish of St. Michan in Halston Street was constituted in 1096 making it one of the oldest parishes in the diocese. We are fortunate to be living in such an historic part of Dublin, the significance of which can be lost on some as they come and go for business and other reasons. There are two Catholic churches in our parish – the parish church of St. Michan (Halston Street) and the friary church of St. Mary of the Angels (Church Street). The parish is presently under the care of the Capuchin Franciscan Order.
As the year of celebration for the bicentenary of St. Michan’s Church closes, the restoration and maintenance of this beautiful church continues. Having restored the floors and painted the interior of the church in time for the Bicentenary Mass on 25th August 2017, we are hoping to paint the ceiling during 2018. We are fortunate that we have been able to cover the cost of all work so far with funds raised through the fundraising options below, Conservation Grants, Heritage Grants, Bequests and extremely generous donations from a few parishioners and friends. You can help us continue this essential work. Here are just a few ways you can help…

1) Purchase a copy of the parish publications from the Parish Office or after Mass in Halston Street
2) Bank Mandate - Set up a Standing Order to instruct your bank to transfer a fixed amount to the Restoration Fund account regularly.
3) Sponsor a Pane – €100 sponsorship and your memorial registered. Contact the Parish Secretary or check online for details.
4) Sign up for a Weekly Envelope (all monies received through the Planned Giving Envelope goes directly towards the upkeep of St. Michan’s Church.). Contact the Parish Secretary for your box.
5) 50/50 Weekly Raffle which takes place in Halston Street at the weekend Masses.
6) Special Occasion Cards and Candles also available
7) Organise a fundraising event – contact the parish priest with details
8) Make a donation online on
9) Tax relief scheme on donations over €250