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St. Michan's Parish
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There are a number of ways to help St. Michan's Parish raise funds to help with the ongoing restoration work.

Sponsor a Pane

Regular Standing Order
Make a regualar donation via standing order from your bank.

Planned Giving Box
Planned Giving envelopes are available from the Parish Office or at the weekend Masses. The money donated using the planned giving envelopes goes directly towards the upkeep of the parish and is the principle source of funding to pay for the day-to-day running of the parish. Please consider making a regular donation to the parish using one of these boxes.
special word of thanks to all the COLLECTORS in the parish

During 2016 the monies raised through the Planned Giving collection came to €21,342.19 which covered the cost of insurance, heat, light, altar and shrine supplies, weekly bulletins, postage, phone and printing. A further €4,669.34 was raised by the Greek Catholic Community which helped with regular repairs and maintenance.

50-50 Raffle
Tickets will be available at the 6pm vigil Mass (Saturday) and 12noon Mass (Sunday).
They will be available to buy for the thirty minutes before the start of Mass BUT not during Mass.

Each ticket costs €5

At the end of the Mass, the priest will draw a ticket and announce the winner
The winner will receive 50% (fifty percent) of the income
The Restoration Fund will receive  50% (fifty percent) of the income

No tickets will be available to buy once the Mass has started
Since the winner will be in the congregation, the first prize will be collected before anyone leaves the church. There will be no monies carried forward from week to week

Should a winner decline their prize, all the income will be lodged to the Restoration Fund

Bicentenary Gifts (available soon)

  • Candles

  • Cards

  • History book